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adjust the content of the class based upon the percent of the class that has a difficult time comprehending the material. What this means is that if there is a majority of the class that is having a hard time with basic principals, then the teacher will not completely cover all that is required. Math is the enemy to many that wish to be nurses and is a source of dread when it comes to test performance. Much of this anxiety is due to insufficient preparation at the college and high school level. Now, nursing students come from many diverse backgrounds, such as engineers, teachers, computer technologist and people with masters and doctorates. Naturally, with so many degreed people entering the nursing field, the bar has been raised for the score needed to pass the Nursing Entrance Test at many nursing schools. However the best answer is to study. Having the right tools is also necessary. Study Guide". This tutorial written by Dr. Nancy Lydia Kimmel, encompasses a comprehensive math review of
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to be comfortable with the nomenclature, Caldwell says. But Caldwell, Williams and Flake are unusual in bringing extensive financial knowledge to their faith based development work. Most pastors, even highly educated ones, have had to rely on informal networks and luck to bring their projects to life. Anderson points to the example of Leon Sullivan, the Baptist civil rights leader who secured capital in the early 1970s to build Progress Plaza in North Philadelphia, the nation first black owned and developed shopping center. had never had a course in accounting or banking, but he had a lot of help from people who knew those things. The banks who invested in the project, says Anderson, very nervous, but they had faith in Leon Sullivan. Those sorts of personal relationships are not the basis for systemic economic development, Anderson adds. take faith
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