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civilizations, Egypt, and the ancient Greeks borrowed many of their ideas from this older culture. African civilizations had the same struggle between local autonomy and individuality as western TM societies. Myth Three " Primitivism TM: Africans are primitive in lifestyle, art and technology. Africa has contributed no innovations to the rest of the world. False. The word primitive is derogatory. What Africans have by way of traditional lifestyles, art and technology is AFRICAN, developed in Africa, for Africans. Western society terms this primitive because it is different to them and, they feel, inferior. Each African society has developed its own lifestyles and technologies to meet its individual needs, according to numerous factors. Similarly art and literature
Cheap nike jerseys has grown out of the people and geography of the different countries and
MLB jerseys peoples. Bringing in modern developments, did you know that many newly installed telephone systems in some African cities use communication technologies that are far advanced

Oxidative Damage and Amyloid Pathology in an Alzheimer Transgenic Mouse," Lim, Chuet al.] Another link in the chain may be testosterone levels. Dr. Sozos Ch. Papasozomenos and Dr. Alikunju Shanavas, from the University of Texas Houston Medical School conclude from their studies that "testosterone given alone to aging men and given combined with 17 beta estradiol to postmenopausal women would probably prove beneficial in preventing and/or treating Alzheimer’s disease." [Reported in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.] However, the case for hormones for postmenopausal women is far from settled and not at all clear. Another possibility is lithium. This long standing treatment for bipolar disorder has worked as a preventative with mice, and may be useful for humans, though the side effects are high, and it doesn’t help people who already have Alzheimer’s. [Source: Nature, 2003] Researchers have also found a strong relationship in women between being overweight at age 70 and developing

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