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Virginia transportation projects to improve your commute Of the 44 projects that made the shortlist, 34 are recommended for funding under the two year plan, though that list may change between the NVTA’s public hearing, scheduled for Wednesday evening, and its planned adoption of the list in mid April. The NVTA’s recommendations include 18 road and 16 transit jobs, each of which was scored through two separate formulas. One, by the Virginia Department of
Cheap NFL jerseys Transportation, puts 86.9 percent weight into congestion relief. The other, by the NVTA, considers levels of service improvement, safety, reduction in vehicle miles traveled, and support of pedestrian and bicycle friendly, connected development. The regional funding is the result of a state transportation funding law adopted by the General Assembly in February 2013. It raised the sales tax in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads to 6 percent, hiked the transient occupancy tax rate by 3 percent and implemented a grantor’s tax on all real estate sales. Of the money raised, 70 percent flows to the NVTA for regional allocation, and 30 percent is returned to Northern Virginia localities for their own projects. The 10 projects that made the shortlist but not the recommended list include widening Rolling Road between Old Keene Mill Road and the Franconia Springfield Parkway, the South Van Dorn Street interchange with Franconia Road, Route 1 improvements from Mount Vernon Memorial Highway to Napper Road, the Frontier Drive extension, Route 15 widening between Route 29 and Route 55, and Metro bus infrastructure improvements.

have largely gone nowhere. A bill that would issue no charge birth certificate copies to some Texans under a limited set of circumstances passed the Senate, but the law, if passed, would help only a fraction of disenfranchised voters. This is not enough. Texas deserves a Legislature that will take action to ensure that the voices of all eligible voters are heard, rather than putting up more obstacles to the ballot box. In 2011, Texas enacted the nation’s strictest voter ID law. It permits use of limited types of photo IDs to vote, and the ID must be current or recently expired. To obtain nearly every form of acceptable ID, an original or certified copy of a voter’s birth certificate is required. Hundreds of thousands of registered Texas voters lack the ID or supporting documents needed to meet these stringent requirements. While Texans of all ages have felt the negative impact of the photo ID law,
Wholesale NFL jerseys the burden on the state’s seniors is particularly acute. Older voters are less likely to have

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