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who takes 5 seconds to run up a 3 metre high set of stairs. Power = [g (9.81 m/s2) mass (kg) vertical height (m)] / time(s) = watts = (9.81 m/s2 54kg 3m) / 5s = 318 W Most people associate power with muscles and muscle strength the larger the muscles, the greater the power. This is only partially true. Smaller muscles that are properly toned can generate larger amounts of power than larger muscles that are not properly toned. This is why athletes that appear small may still be capable of great feats of strength and stamina. Power is the rate at which work is done. The greater the power, the more work that is being done. In sports, the more power that the athlete can generate, the faster, farther, higher, etc., the athlete can go. Ultimately, the amount of power the athlete can generate goes back to how, and how much, the athlete trains and prepares for that particular sport. Power is measured in Watts. The best known every day reference to watts is with the light bulb. The greater the number

From your host, get the names, phone numbers, and e mail addresses of at least four of the group’s most respected members. Ask your host to alert them that you will contact them. During your conversations, say: "What you just said would help me get an important point across during my presentation.
Wholesale jerseys from China During my speech, could I please call on you to repeat what you just said to me?" Fortunately, almost everyone will consent. This guarantees that several key people will stand and speak, which will prompt others to voice their reactions Tell Your Host Which Seating Arrangement Will Foster Discussion Avoid traditional theatre seating, where people see the back of the heads in front of them, rather than faces. Ideally, aim for round tables seating 5 7 people. While many
Cheap jerseys from China attendees would be too reticent to speak in front of 300 audience members, sharing thoughts at a small table won’t seem intimidating. Have Your Host Furnish Necessary Materials Specifically request pens, pencils, and note

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